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  • Covid-19 
    Science&You conference will be face-to-face at the Centre METZ Congrès Robert Schuman, in compliance with the health protocol. However, it will be possible to participate and attend the conference by videoconference if you can’t come on site (identical prices and registration conditions).

    More information on health situation and restrictions in France, and international travels to France, here: http://www.science-and-you.com/en/covid-news

    Metz Congrès Robert Schuman
    100 Rue aux Arènes
    57000 Metz
    Languages and timezone of the Conference
    The official languages of the Conference will be English and French. All plenaries will be translated simultaneously (voiceover). Parallel sessions will not be translated, and could be either in French or in English (language is noted in the programme : 
    Visual presentations (i.e. PowerPoint) might be written in a different language than the language spoken, in order to facilitate the understanding of all congressists. For example, if you make your presentation in English, your slides might be in French.

    All the hours showed in the programme are CET – Central European Time.
    Hybrid format
    Science&You will take place on a hybrid format: congressists will be able to speak in and to attend the conference either on site or remotely.
    All plenaries and parallel sessions will be held at the Conference center, and be broadcasted live on Zoom.

    Zoom sessions will be launched from the room dedicated to your session in the Conference center, by the organization team. Technical support will be there to help the speakers and the audience.

    Hybrid format implies that for some sessions, speakers might be physically on site, while others will speak from remote. We do our best to assign convenors/moderators who will be physically on site. 
    On site audience will ask its questions orally, while remote audience will ask its questions in the Zoom chat. 

    Each registered congressist will receive the programme with all the Zoom links in his inbox a few days prior to the event. It will include all abstracts of the speakers.

    Test sessions will be organized for speakers willing to test their presentations (copy-paste the link)

    Session test 1 : 10 novembre, 09.00 - 10.00 (CET - UTC +01:00)

    Session test 2 : 10 novembre, 14.00 - 15.00 (CET - UTC +01:00)
    The poster session will take place in the Forum Sciences & Cultures, Thursday November 18, 11h15 – 13h45, in Hall 2 of the Conference Center. The Forum will provide a space for demonstrations and discussions between the congressists: no plenary or parallel session will be organized in concurrence.

    Posters can be displayed starting from November 16. Please note that posters impression and installation are each poster presenter’s responsibility. Grid panels will be at your disposal. We advise that you leave 4 eyelets to your posters: templates can be downloaded here: http://www.science-and-you.com/en/guidelines

    Registered poster presenters who will not have the possibility to physically attend the Conference will have the possibility to attend the scientific programme in videoconference and to send, at their own expense, their printed poster at the following address:

    Université de Lorraine
    Science&You, Direction de la Vie Universitaire et de la Culture
    91 avenue de la Libération
    54000 NANCY (France).

    Each presenter entrusts Science&You's organization team the care of displaying their poster in the dedicated area, in the Conference Center. The poster will not be sent back after the event.
    Symposia, discussion panels and simple papers
    The full programme is online, where you can find the days and hours of your sessions: http://www.science-and-you.com/en/program-conference

    You are a speaker in a simple paper? 
    The scientific committee gathered you with other simple papers of similar themes, to form a session. The scientific committee will attribute a convenor for your session; communications will come after one another following the order showed in the programme. Don’t forget to leave some time to interact with the audience.

    You are a speaker in a discussion panel or a symposium? Your panel or symposium forms a parallel session.

    Powerpoint presentation and videoconference:
    If you want to show a Powerpoint presentation, a template is available here: http://www.science-and-you.com/en/guidelines Each speaker is responsible for his presentation: each room is equipped with a computer (PC): please come with a USB key, and your presentation in Powerpoint and PDF formats (16/9).

    Parallel sessions, as plenaries, are broadcasted live on Zoom for the speakers and the audience prevented from traveling because of health restrictions. Therefore, each room will be equipped with a video-conference solution. Hosts and hostesses will be present in each room to assist you in case of need.

    Chairs of the sessions 
    You are a chair of a symposium or a discussion panel?

    You facilitate the discussion between speakers, and make sure to include and take questions from the audience, whether it is in the room, or remote. Don’t forget to check Zoom regularly (chat + “raised hands”).
    You are also the time master of the session, and make sure that it begins and ends on time, and that every speaker benefits from the same speaking time.

    You are chair of a parallel session composed of simple papers?

    You introduce the speakers and the titles of their papers in the order that they are displayed in the programme, handle the transitions, while making sure that every speaker benefits from the same speaking time.
    You make sure that the session begins and ends on time.

    You make sure to include and take questions from the audience, whether it is in the room, or remote. Don’t forget to check Zoom regularly (chat + “raised hands”).

    For all enquiries, please contact: scienceandyou2021@insight-outside.fr

    26 avenue Jean Kuntzmann
    38330 Montbonnot-Saint-Martin
    Tel : +33 825 595 525 (0,15€/min*)
    Fax : +33 4 38 38 18 19
    Permanence téléphonique du
    lundi au vendredi de 14h00 à 17h00
    (*) Prices starting from fixed line incumbent, a surcharge may be applied by operators, counting the second after the first 45 seconds.
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